• Comcast / Print, Broadcast, Direct Mail & Online Media

    Creative Director and Copywriter. Managing teams and developing winning strategies to create a broad range of successful national and local, award-winning consumer print, broadcast and online media for acquisition, retention and winback targets.

  • Ritz Toasted Chips / Wheat Thins Toasted Chips

    These healthier snacking alternatives needed new flavor profile names with a tasty back story to help them fly off the shelf. Customers ate them up.

  • IEEE Spectrum / Print, Direct Mail & Online Media

    Creative Director and Copywriter developing a range of award-winning print and online media to promote the world's leading innovative technology resource, driving prospects in a variety of industries to subscribe to market specific media.

  • Radian / Print, Direct Mail & Collateral Media

    Copywriting compelling print, direct mail and collateral media promoting a broad range of Radian mortgage products and solutions to lending professionals and consumers.

  • Petro Home Services / Print, Broadcast, Direct Mail, Online & Social Media

    Creative Director and Copywriter. Partnering with marketing leaders and design teams to develop creative strategies for successful acquisition, retention and winback print, broadcast, online and social media.

  • GORE™ / Broadcast, Print & Collateral Media

    Creative Director and Copywriter. Developing tease campaign highlighting GORE's pioneering technology innovations leading up to the launch of GORE inLighten window screens and all subsequent media.

  • Adecco / Collateral & Print Media

    Copywriting collateral materials targeted to international company's human resource leadership and job seekers worldwide promoting Adecco global staffing services.

  • SIRO / Print & Collateral Media

    Copywriting print and collateral materials launching SIRO pharmaceuticals to the US market.