• Murano

    The craftsmanship of Merano finely cut glassware inspired the name for this ‘elegantly sculpted SUV’ that continues driving Nissan’s business forward.

  • Bacardi Flavored Rums / Bacardi Cocktail Mixers

    Naming a range of flavored rums and romance copy for cocktail mixers proved successful for Bacardi by being intoxicatingly fun for their customers!

  • Flavor Blasted Goldfish

    Pepperidge Farm customers eat up the various successful flavor and shape name combinations worked on for this classic snack.

  • Star Alliance

    The name that led the way in global airline alliances continues to soar for airlines and passengers alike.

  • AmBien

    One of the world’s more widely used medicines to combat sleeplessness proved a successful wake-up call for
    users worldwide.

  • Ritz Toasted Chips / Wheat Thins Toasted Chips

    These healthier snacking
    alternatives needed new flavor profile names with a tasty back story to help them fly off the shelf. Customers ate them up.

  • Crest WhiteStrips

    The #1 name in dental hygiene and health launched the teeth whitening category with this industry leading name that continues to keep folks smiling brightly every day.

  • GORE™ inLighten

    The window screen product, that’s just like a fabric and virtually invisible, lets more light and air into many homes. Visibly improving GORE’s reputation as a technology leader.

  • Planter’s Trail Mix Flavors

    A range of flavor profile names that took nut snacks on a taste adventure through the USA proved to be a winning journey.

  • CleanStream

    Naming a new air filter product proved to be a successful breath of fresh air for GORE customers around the world.

  • Snausages

    Multiple flavor names for a leading dog snack brand that had dogs and their owners chomping at the bit.

  • Molson Vented Can

    Positioning, naming and
    romance copy for this new beer can technology proves rewarding for both client and beer drinker.